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FAQ's - Seven Most Frequently Asked Questions We Receive, & Our Responses

Q-1: How can we get started? We have property and we would like to move forward and take the next step.

A: We start with a friendly 'hello' and then jointly discuss how we may best serve the individual or family with the services that we can provide to them. In the event that we are contracted for the design of a project, we then work to establish all initial related criteria jointly deemed necessary for the project. Integral to the entire planning process are the determinations of all design features, structural and finishing elements for the project, and a target project budget. Other determinations include items necessary for superior energy efficiency, a healthy home environment, and optimal investment value. Once all parameters are well defined design work can then progress until the preliminary design is sufficient for obtaining supporting bids for the project's true cost. Upon completion of bid collection and all final design work, followed by a decision to proceed with construction of the project, the initial construction stage is then ready to commence. At that point project construction can get underway, developing until it's finished completion.

Q-2: What do White Eagle's home materials packages cost? 

A: Our various home packages are always extremely competitive to market rates for each style of home we offer. Our most popular home materials package request is for our Honest Abe log and timber framed shell materials packages. These packages generally start at about 75-$90 per square foot and up, depending on optional upgrades that may be added. Our conventionally framed homes are about the same cost when finishes and qualities are also the same. Our handcrafted log, and our log post and beam, and our traditional complex timber framed packages are at a higher premium, depending on the design itself and other options each client may choose. Our structural SIPS panel homes and ICF homes are also at a somewhat higher initial premium.


However the real cost for these high performance homes actually prove out to be at a lower long term cost, due to their high energy efficiency. To learn more about the quality of these homes and what the US Department Of Energy recommends, see our Zero Energy-Ready Homes page. Here you can read of the seven must-have systems that help ensure a superior homeowner experience.


Q-3: What is the average completed cost of our homes?  

A: Costs vary due to complexity, architectural elements, owner's site conditions and requirements, and many more variables. Most of our completed or "turn-keyed" Honest Abe log and timber framed homes have finished out at a cost range from $225 - $285 per square foot. A general approach mentioned in the home industry is to allow about 3 times the cost of a quality "weather tight"materials shell package such as we provide, as an indicator of the finished building cost for a project. The completed cost of our handcrafted log, log post and beam, and our traditional complex timber framed homes average about 15-20% higher, starting with higher materials package costs. Even with that said, our extremely fair pricing structure has allowed us to supply all building styles at comparatively affordable rates.


Q-4: What is the most affordable way to build?

A: First of all, always build it right the first time. In addition, all of our homes are affordable for their type of home as we provide some of the most competitive material and labor fees available anywhere. Greater complexity of design from foundation to roof add to cost, along with higher grades of windows and doors, cabinetry, finished floors, fixtures and other. Higher wall heights, steeper roof slopes, and various home site challenges also affect the real cost of the home. And as stated above, target the Zero Energy-Ready Homes standards so that the savings accrue for many generations.


Q-5: How long does it all take?

A: Once a client's blue prints are completed and the foundation installation is underway, the normal start to completion time is most often about 4-6 months, while larger projects most often require more time. Our fastest start to completion time for a 1,500+ square foot 2 story log home, plus a finished basement was approximately seven weeks.

Q-6: Can one make changes to plans or do you only offer stock plans?

A: Yes, clients can and do make changes. It is truly a process of unique design, something born and nurtured from ideas and concepts, then developed into a realistic representation of the client's own vision. Invariably most all clients opt for either a full custom design approach or at least make significant changes to one of our standard building plans. So although we do offer stock home plans to help aid every client in getting started in planning their new home, almost 100% of our business is and always has been customized projects. Our full design/build approach allows for complete design customization, a wide selection of building systems to select from, and all with a wide variety of combinations of detailing, finishes, and innovations. Options are essentially limitless with our full scope design/build approach.


So whether one prefers living in a 'rustic elegance' style, or in an arts and crafts style, or perhaps in a traditional farm style, or in a modern contemporary style, we can provide an attractive home with exceptional quality, all with a living environment that is comfortable, quiet, and healthy, and built for one's family to enjoy for many generations to come.


Q-7: How can we learn more about your homes and what the process of planning, designing, and building a custom White Eagle home involves?

A: Contact us to request a phone conference or an on site meeting. We have provided a link on our Contact Us page.

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