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Our architectural offerings are quite diversified. Suffice it to say that most any popular building style and need can be provided for our customer's projects. As a custom residential and light commercial design/build firm we are committed to providing exactly the design and materials necessary to deliver the project just as is requested and agreed upon. Our homes are also designed to meet all strict state and local building codes, as well as full compliance with the International Residential Codes (IRC) for building.

The additional information provided below lists another architectural building style that we offer.

  • Log Post & Beam: Log post and beam is very similar to timber framing in that the heart of the structural skeleton is composted of posts and a frame. The unique difference is that the timber work is offered in a round machined log or in handcrafted log. Most often the remained of the exterior shell components employ SIPS panels as a "skin." Framed 2"x 6" walls can also be built between exterior log posts, or to a flattened outside log surface.


Log post and beam structures are popular for both residential and commercial applications. For anyone who is a fan of natural materials combined with a high degree of artistic skill in craftsmanship, a log post and beam structure is an attractive and popular marriage of wood and other quality components.

Log Post & Beam Gallery - Click on any image or use the < > controls to open and view the photo slideshow.




For additional information about our log post & beam homes we have provided a link at Contact Us.

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