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As an advocate of the Zero Energy Ready Home message, efforts, and home building practices, our company will continue to strive to offer and recommend Zero Energy materials selections, building practices and standards. And as an advocate we wish to share information from, with the following article:


"There are at least 20 amazing benefits to owning and living in a zero energy home.

We call this the Zero Energy Advantage."

#1 - Combat Climate Change
The combination of design, building techniques, and technologies that go into a zero energy home all result in a home that produces net zero carbon emissions. That means that your home is not contributing to climate change.

#2 - Lower Your Cost of Home Ownership
A zero energy home has no energy bills, other than a small monthly hook-up fee, so from day one your home costs less to own than a similar standard home. That’s money that can go back in your pocket every month instead of going to the utility company.

#3 - Enjoy Cleaner, Fresher Indoor Air
Built with airtight walls, zero energy homes incorporate very energy efficient fresh air systems. These advanced ventilation systems provide pre-heated or pre-cooled fresh, filtered air – free of outside pollutants and allergens, keeping you and your family healthy.

#4 - Own a More Durable Home
The building techniques and materials used in zero energy homes are more durable than those used in standard homes so they last longer and require less upkeep.

#5 - Let the Sunshine In
Zero energy homes are designed and built using passive solar design principles, making the most of natural daylight and filling your home with warm, inviting sunshine.

#6 - Pioneer the Future
With a zero energy home, you can feel good knowing that you are leading the way to a better future for our world and for your family. Be on the cutting-edge of home design, technology, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Buy the home of the future – today.

#7 - Live Anywhere
Zero energy homes are found all over the country, from the hot deserts of Arizona to the cold climes of Alaska. Using location specific data, zero energy homes are tailored to your region’s climate pattern, providing total home comfort wherever you live.

#8 - Enjoy Year Round Comfort
A zero energy home has a highly energy efficient, quiet, and easy-to-use comfort system for heating and cooling, making your home exceptionally pleasant to live in year round.

#9 - Be Healthier
Zero energy homes are constructed with non-toxic finishes, materials and surfaces, and utilize advanced fresh air systems. The result is a healthier home to live in.

#10 - Relax in Peace and Quiet
A zero energy home has very well insulated walls, triple-pane windows and is built to be airtight. As a result your home is nice and quiet, free from outside noises and sounds.

#11 - Protect Yourself from Increased Energy Prices
Energy prices always fluctuate and usually increase year after year. With a zero energy home, you pay the same amount over time – zero or close to zero – because you generate all the energy you need on site.

#12 - Plan for a Higher Resale Value
Durability, efficiency and advanced technologies are all factored in when you choose to sell your zero energy home, garnering a higher resale value.

#13 - Enjoy a Clean Energy Source
Living in a zero energy home gives you freedom from polluting fossil fuels. The energy used in your home is created from clean, renewable energy from the solar panels on your roof.

#14 - Live in a Low Maintenance Home
Due to its durable, airtight construction and fresh air system, zero energy homes are low maintenance and easy to keep clean. No moisture means no mold or water damage. Fresh filtered air means less dust and easier cleaning.

#15 - Pay Less In Water Bills
Zero energy homes include energy and water saving dishwashers, washing machines and toilets and are equipped with “water sense” controls on faucets and showers to save on water and energy in your home.

#16 - Be Positive
Positive energy, that is. If you conserve more electricity than average, your zero energy home can generate more than you use, turning it into a positive energy home. You can use the additional energy to charge your electric car, bicycle, electric yard equipment, or your mobile devices.

#17 - Get Instant Hot Water
By centrally locating the hot water heater or using an energy saving circulating hot water system, most zero energy homes are designed to conserve hot water. The added benefit—you get almost instant hot water for your shower, and save on your water bill.

#18 - Light Up Your Home
A zero energy home often uses strategically placed energy saving LED lights for bright light where you need it and soft light where you want it. 

#19 - Enjoy Quick and Accurate Cooking
Many zero energy homes use energy-efficient induction stove tops, instead of polluting gas ranges, so you can cook meals faster and with more precise temperature control.

#20 - Invest Wisely
A home is an important purchase in your life. Since today’s zero energy homes are built to tomorrow’s standards and cost less to own from day one, your investment will pay off, from the very first day to the last.

Here is a little message and video from the US Department Of Energy, titled "What Is A Zero Energy Building?"

"Most buildings today use a lot of energy -- to keep the lights on, cool the air, heat water, and power personal devices. Even installing solar systems will not significantly counter the heavy energy load. There are, however, some buildings that strike a balance; or even tip the scales the other way! These are called zero energy buildings."






What Is A Zero Energy Building?

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