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We Appreciate Our Friends!

"I just want to thank you again for all of the wonderful work, your time for drawing my plans, constructing my house, and all you have done. This home is such a special blessing to me and my family, and I don't have the words to thank you. I will never ever forget all that you have done for us. God bless you."
Joseph B., Indiana

"We appreciate the outstanding job that you and Tom have done, and we absolutely love our new log home. We are so proud of it, and excited that it was featured in the Log Home Living magazine. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to have people call us or come see us. Thank you so much. "

Jackie & Eugene S., Kentucky

"It has been a great experience to see how all of the right people become involved in our log home project.  Meeting you and having the opportunity to have such wonderful handcrafted log materials in our project is a dream come true.  We love the beautiful large logs and how precisely they all fit together. We have a large number of visitors who visit our home for seminars and meetings who will enjoy seeing your product on display. Please come back and bring your family for a weekend stay."
Jan & Richard D., Georgia

"My wife works as a research analyst for a large company here in Canada, and is very good at what she does.  In preparing for the purchase of our log home, we contacted several hundred companies in both the US and Canada.  After speaking with you, we quickly narrowed the search down to White Eagle and only two other companies.  We chose you folks based on a combination of professional and thorough responses and follow up, the completeness of your materials package, and your absolute best pricing available anywhere."
Mark & Joyce G., Ontario, Canada

"I had been planning my log home for 15 years.  I believed I had talked to every log home company that existed.  When I found you folks, I found the best materials anywhere, the very best pricing, and straight and honest answers to all of my questions.  I have enjoyed the entire planning and construction process, and being able to work on my own house has been extremely rewarding.  Our house has appraised for $420,000.00, but I have been able to build it for only $240,000.00.  Although the project is full of upgrades and so many quality amenities, our finished costs are under $100.00 per square foot ... in 2007!"
Chris W., Indiana

"We talked to a lot of log home companies during the planning of our home.  Many times we would call a company and never hear back from the representative.  When we called your office, we had a plan book in our mail box the next day, and a follow up call from you.  One large log home company that we had spoken to actually got back to us about 30 days later, and their package price was nearly $50,000.00 higher than yours.  We saved a lot of money with you, and actually got larger logs and much more in your package.  Thank you for helping us out."
Tina & Brad K., Indiana

"We love our place and plan on spending many happy years here, and thanks for your kind words – and your gifts! It was fun having our home featured in Log Home Living magazine too."
Sue & Jim S., Kentucky

"Our timber framed house gets nothing but positive reaction and comments.  People who visit always seem overwhelmed by the beauty of the hammerbeam trusses, the warm wood ceilings, and the wonderful character that the whole house has.  Our brick home was nice, but we love coming home here each night, and just sitting down and enjoying it all.  It is very special!"
Angie & Terry G., Kentucky

"We love how solid and warm our home is.  When we play music in the loft, it sounds like a concert hall, with the music flowing up and around the cathedral ceilings and throughout the great room, kitchen, and dining area.  All of the boys and Ed comment so often on how they just love this house and the blessing of living here.  When we saw your house, we knew we wanted to build a solid substantial house like yours. Thank you for all you have done, and it is great to be neighbors too!"
Debra & Ed H., Indiana

"We appreciate all of the work and great results.  We love our home and all of our friends and neighbors love to come and visit more often than ever, and also stay a long time.  We love the large round logs, the big log beams, and the vaulted ceilings.  In the winter, the stoned fireplace always keeps the house so warm, even on the coldest winter nights.  Thank you."
Danny & Judy O., Wisconsin

"Our home is very comfortable, and so efficient.  The timber framed office and the spiral stairs was a special touch, and the high efficiency fireplace was a great decision.  Even though we are heating over 6,000 square feet of finished space, our energy bills are under $100 per month.  The insulated concrete wall systems have performed better than we ever imagined possible.  The children love the large bonus room over the garage, and they can make all the noise the want to there.  We are very pleased with the house and it has been very special.  It also appraised about $80,000 more than we built it for. Once again, we would like to thank you."
Dan & Vasti B., Indiana

"Wow, what can we say?  This project is so dramatic, and the house is very comfortable.  We love the green metal roof, and it all coordinates so well with the horse barn and guest quarters.  The rear deck and wrap around porch, and the walkout terrace offer such a great view of the lake.  The geothermal heating was an excellent decision, and energy costs are insignificant.  The Viking cook stove is a real conversation piece when we entertain, which is frequent. People always comment about the "beautiful home on the top of the hill", so hats off to you all. Thanks again for everything!"
Nancy & Pete B., Ohio

"The new theme park and motel is sure nice, and visitors just love coming here.  But as nice as it is, it was your large handcrafted log work that made this the special project that it is.  A special thanks for all your efforts with design, engineering, and installation here in New York.  Come back up and see us anytime!"
BBLC, New York

"We just wanted to tell you how much we love our house, and remember all you have done for us.  Even though you  built the house over 15 years ago, our home is exactly like it was when you built it.  We knew it was a great home when it was complete, but over the years we have seen more and more what a splendid home it really is.  Walter said "he thought he was a perfectionist...until he met you.  Now he knows what the word perfectionist really means!"  Your entire log package with absolutely everything included was the same price as the other company's for logs and beams only. Thanks so much for everything you have done, and please come and visit with us when you are in the area."
Ella & Walter C., Tennessee

"The timber frame speaks volumes.  When visitors or family come over, everyone has to touch the wood and mention how much they like it. All of the elements fit so nice, and it has really made the home very special.  Thank you for a wonderful project!"
Pam & Pat D., Kentucky

"We just want to say thank you for all you have done.  We went to every other company around here, and called many more besides.  We had almost given up our dream of a new log home, until we met you.  The cost of our package erected and dried in from your company was the price of the materials alone, sitting on the ground and not constructed, from all of the other companies.  Your logs were bigger, and your affordable pricing allowed us to build a home 400 square foot bigger than we had originally planned.  Our home is so warm and comfortable, and we are so thankful for everything."
Gwen & Travis F., Indiana

"We are so pleased with the design work of our new timber frame home.  It is hard to comprehend how one can have the vision to imagine how all of the roof lines, the windows, the large beautiful timbers, and the many little details could all come together so perfectly.  The way the whole house had taken shape is truly amazing, and all of our friends, family, and neighbors who have visited here are all so impressed.  We are very thankful for this wonderful new home, and all the warmth that it provides.  Let the folks from Timber Frame Homes magazine photograph this one!"
Frank & Pat D., Indiana

"The Western Red Cedar logs and large timbered floors and roofs are so attractive.  We were amazed at the quality of the materials and the precision of all of the cutting.  When people have asked who built our home, we tell them about you.  The home is the closest thing to perfection we have ever seen and we thoroughly enjoy it.  Many times folks have spotted the house from the highway and driven on up to see it.  We will always remember the hard work and dedication that you gave to us.  Thank you."
Linda & Jerry A., Tennessee

"In a sentence, the handcrafted log work has far exceeded our highest expectations.  It is just beautiful, and the mass is so large.  Other companies we had spoken to had quoted such smaller average diameters, and their quotes were also for Red Pine, Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, and so on.  It is a wonderful design and the log post and beam elements are absolutely stunning.  Thank you for everything."
Tammi & Chad K., Ohio

"Our dream was to build a timber framed home someday, but we thought they were way too expensive.  We had talked to companies from out east and elsewhere, but left in despair as the pricing was either so vague or the estimates were so high.  Your package was so affordable, and the workmanship is beautiful.  Holidays and year round living is extra special in this home, and energy costs are very minimal. We are very pleased and proud of our home, and we will always appreciate the dedicated effort you and your company provided."
Brenda & Steve S., Indiana

"The Red Oak timber frame is simply awesome!  The entire home is so nice, and all of the design work you contributed to the project made such a difference. The spiral stairs from the loft to the upper tower is a great feature, and it is really a focal point.  Energy bills are very minimal, and the Loewen windows are such a mark of distinction and quality.  Wonderful warm memories, thank you."
Chuck & Ann Marie H., Kentucky

"We had always wanted a handcrafted log home.  We are thankful that you were able create a modified version of your White Eagle plan named The Snow Valley for us.  Integrating the wonderful kitchen plan from the timber framed plan you had also designed was a gift.  Your selection of the building location gave us a perfect view of the lake, and we are so fortunate.  It's a splendid home, many thanks."
Roger & Joyce C., Indiana

"When one builds a large timber frame home as we have done, you really need to research and contract someone who can get the job done right. We highly recommend White Eagle Building Systems.  We now have another friend for life and we are always happy to share our experience with others.  We get so many people complimenting us on our home, as it is very special place."
Jan & John H., Indiana

These are a few comments from just a few of our customers that we have worked with over the years.
Perhaps you too will also want to post your comments here someday as well.
Thank you to each of our fine friends and former customers!

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