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Planning, Design, Cost Estimating - It's Phase One!

The essentials to get any building project underway include owning property and establishing a plan design that accommodates the client's needs and vision. With the wide range of available quality building materials and technology, and the every increasing costs of good and services, we recognize the importance of helping our clients to plan a home that will best deliver a more durable low maintenance home, a healthier and quieter living environment, higher resale value, and a lower cost of home ownership. With a focus to attain the highest structural and energy efficient home possible, we place a strong emphasis on "zero energy-ready homes". The US Department Of Energy states: "a Zero Energy Ready Home compared to a minimum code home may have a higher sales price that leads to a small increase in the monthly mortgage bill. However, it will also have much lower monthly utility bills with savings that can easily outweigh the added mortgage cost for a lower, true cost. Bottom line, the Zero Energy Ready Home can cost much less to own every month, while also delivering superior performance."  Learn more about this vital building consideration here: Zero Energy-Ready Homes.


With the considerations noted above, the initial preparation always includes the establishment of a budget. In order to properly design a home, there has to be a target goal of the design of the home or commercial structure itself and at what cost it can be built for. With a target budget established, White Eagle can advise on an approximate sized home and style of home we recommend for the target budget. In the design stage of the project, intermediate estimates can help substantiate the budget goal. Once the design work is completed, construction prints can be issued and let out for bids in an effort to establish a true cost of building that home or commercial structure. The client is at liberty to choose their own contractor if they prefer. White Eagle offers assistance in procurement of shell installation to full turn key construction.

Site Evaluation Or Site Visit

Important considerations for every successful construction project include building placement, orientation of the structure, and a harmonious design that complements the environment and neighborhood. Topographical surveys can be very beneficial, along with aerial views from the Google Earth software. And whenever feasible, a site visit is a great way to meet and to get a friendship established. With the site visit we can best understand how any structure we design will situate on the property. Optimizing home placement as to road access, sunlight, and property visuals all contribute to a successful project.

Ongoing Technical Assistance

Throughout the entire planning, construction, and post construction phases White Eagle is always there to assist clients and contractors involved in our project. So whether it's a phone call, email or text, or other, we will quickly respond and assist. If a representative is needed at the building site we can also make arrangements to further accommodate the needs.

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