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Installation Options

Assistance In Procuring Full & Complete Construction:
We offer assistance in procuring construction services ranging from "weather tight" shell installations to 100% complete projects. Phase One planning for the project includes an initial meeting and conceptual review, followed by a site visit, project decisions and design work and cost structuring. When this initial planning stage is completed, the project is then ready to move forward to construction procurement.

National/International Site Technician:
With our building technician capability, we can provide a qualified person to accompany the delivery of our building package. We can then provide all of the necessary technical assistance that a qualified local builder or building crew may need to properly assemble and install any of our building packages. This program keeps costs lower, while still insuring that installations are all properly performed.


Nationwide Consultation:
We have participated with clients, architects, and other builders to provide a supply of information, on site interface and ongoing professional consultation for the benefit of anyone who may need such services. It can be on an "as needed" basis, or scheduled at regular appointment times. This is especially popular and affordable for our "owner built" clients, greatly reducing construction costs.

Annual Site Visit:
White Eagle can provide an annual visit to your home, to inspect and ensure that everything is performing exactly as it was designed to do. This can be especially beneficial for our handcrafted customers, due to the occasional adjustment of settlers after the initial completion of the project, but also of special benefit to all who enjoy the peace of mind and security of ongoing professional monitoring and care.

Financial Assistance:
We can suggest mortgage lenders who offer construction to permanent finance of new homes, including structures built in conventionally framed, log, timber framed, ICF and other.

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