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Materials Supply


Our architectural offerings are quite diversified. Suffice it to say that most any popular building style and need can be provided for our customer's projects. As a custom residential and light commercial design/build firm we are committed to providing exactly the design and materials necessary to deliver the project just as is requested and agreed upon. Our homes are also designed to meet all strict state and local building codes, as well as full compliance with the International Residential Codes (IRC) for building.

Along with the building package selections noted below, our customer's may choose from a nearly unlimited offering of any quality component available for the various components necessary for the completion of their project.


Architectural Offerings .... Here is an overview of the primary types of home projects we offer and we have contracted with our clients.

  • Milled Log: Our milled log homes are offered in a great selection of different log profile shapes and sizes, and wood species. For floor systems, roof systems for the house and porch roofs, our customer's can select from large dimensioned heavy timber profiles or round log beamery in various diameters, based on code and span requirements and on personal preference. Various varieties of wood are available, and many more options as well.


  • Timber Framed: Our traditional timber frames showcase fine joinery of timbers in mortise and tenon construction, joined with hardwood pegs. The workmanship is extremely close exacting tolerance, while the timbers chosen are premium materials in wood species such as Douglas Fir, Oak, and many other selections. In conjunction with the timber frame, the home has a full SIPS panel wall and roof package to provide great energy efficiency.

  • Handcrafted Log: Our handcrafted log homes most often are, as they name implies, crafted by hand with a variety of hand held tools. The bark of the trees is first removed by hand. Then an old world Scandinavian full scribe method is used to precisely fit the natural profile of one tree to that of another, while preserving the natural taper and character of each individual tree. Log floor joists, roof trusses, roof purlins, stair cases, log arches, carvings, and more insure that each home becomes a truly magnificent display of amazing creativity and skill.

  • Log Post and Beam: Log post and beam is very similar to timber framing in that the heart of the structural skeleton is composted of posts and a frame. The unique difference is that the timber work is offered in a round machined log or in handcrafted log. Most often the remained of the exterior shell components employ SIPS panels as a "skin." Framed 2"x 6" walls can also be built between exterior log posts, or to a flattened outside log surface.

  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF): For foundations or for the entire home exterior wall system the ICF system is also a popular choice. The ICF forms are set up to pour concrete between sheets of foam insulation for a "Super R" energy efficient home. Exterior and interior walls can be finished in any choice of materials the customer may select.

  • Structural SIPS Panel: Structural SIPS panels can also be used with minimal framing components for the wall and roof shell components. This option also delivers a strong structure with a high energy efficiency yield.


  • Conventionally Framed: We have finished these homes in typical exteriors such as Hardie Board, stone, brick, log siding, other wood siding, stucco, and other, as well as combinations of any of these elements.

  • Our Smart Home Commitment: From planning and design and all the way throughout the full construction phase of every new residence or other structure we advocate instituting the most advanced technology and building methods that insure the highest performance and value in every new home or commercial structure. Learn what the US Department Of Energy has to report on Zero Energy-Ready Homes, and also read about the amazing benefits of owning and living in a Zero Energy Home at  Zero Energy Advantage.

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