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44 Designs For Handcrafted Log Homes

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

For those who appreciate the the artistic display of handcrafted log homes employing full scribe technique, here is a slideshow of 44 beautiful log home plans. These designs range in size from the 1,335 square foot Little Pioneer to the Expanding Horizon's "eye popping" 9,015 square foot. This design collection offers a variety of popular log home styles, including single level ranch style, captivating prow point style, and chalet style.

Pre-crafted log home packages are available for any of the plans designs shown in the gallery, or for any custom plan. Logs for all walls, posts, joists, trusses, roof purlins, stair case, and other log elements are offered in the home packages. Customers may select from Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and other premium quality wood species.

Handcrafted Log Plans Gallery -  Click on the < > controls to view the plans slideshow.

For additional handcrafted log home information and project photos visit our web page: Handcrafted Log

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