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The Artisan Center At Cave Run Lake Resort

The Artisan Center will be located at the entrance to our western town, outside the main gate of "The Fort" and to the right of "The Train Station"/Ticket Office.

This facility will be an ideal place for true Kentucky Artists and craftsman to display their creations for sale. We have included two event type rooms for special meetings, art demonstrations, classes and music. It is our plan to display and sell through consignments craftsman's works with wood, glass, pottery, soaps, paintings, photography and music, plus even more unique items showcasing gifted creativity that well defines a true artisan.

Our next post will feature our Artisan Barn, a commercial structure which will operate in conjunction with the Artisan Center. The Artisan Barn will offer horse riding tack, leather goods, and various metal works.

The gallery below offers a preview of the Artisan Center, with 44 images of the exterior and interior views, including overviews of the main and upper floor levels, and of the roof.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by our site, and for reviewing this blog post.

And As Always ... Be Inspired - Be Blessed!

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