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The Jail House

Updated: Feb 26

They say sitting in a jail cell, or in the jail in general, isn't exactly a party. Hard to believe??? Oh yeah, there are real prisoner cells with real iron bars all right. And full time company guards, security cameras and more.

But things aren't quite as they seem to be. This will be one time that will make it a blast to come and "do time" at this "containment center". Our arrests and convictions will be done by actors. One's sentence will include having their photo ID taken "in the Pokey" for a souvenir. After getting booked in and their inmate number issued, "Pokey inmates" will also have the opportunity to go on up the stairs for "jail house fare" like Parole Burgers, On The Run Chile, License Plate Lasagna, Pick The Lock Peach Cobbler, and many more of our planned "clinker favorites". And all day Friday is Jail Break Day where lucky Escapees who receive a "get Out Of Jail Free card" get their meal free! Want to do your time? Visit the Resort's Jail where you can always have fun, get filled up, and then go Scott free, as any alibi will always be good!

The gallery below offers a preview of the Jail House with 42 images of the exterior and interior views, including overviews of the main and upper floor levels and of the roof. Additionally exterior and interior transparencies, an exterior colored pencil drawing, and technical line drawing perspectives are also included.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by our site, and for reviewing this blog post.

And As Always ... Be Inspired - Be Blessed!

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