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The Train Depot

Updated: Feb 26

To many the sound of an old steam engine train huffing and puffing it's way towards their local train depot was pure music. Often it was heard from miles away, depending on wind direction and the stillness of the surrounding neighborhood. And children were amazed at the sight and sounds of the great metal iron horse pulling into town. Inevitably these trains were passenger trains, transporting passengers to destinations of many possibilities, including up to all the way across the continent. The train depots were always busy, an important connecting place for all who needed to safely travel in style, with food and lodging most often available right on the train. Ticket men, conductors, engineers, and caboose brakemen ... they are all on duty!

It's 2 thumbs up - the "train to Glory" is ready to roll back Home. Display your Token!

If one listens closely that wonderful sound of the engine chugging along, and the whistle alerting one that it will soon be arriving at the local depot just may be heard. Sometimes I can still see the old trains safely delivering it's valued passengers into my home town's train depot, while always running right on time!

The gallery below offers a preview of the Train Depot with 36 images of the exterior and interior views, including overviews of the main and upper floor levels, and of the roof. Exterior transparencies and technical line drawing perspectives are also included.

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